More than Amiga


"AmiKit shows just how far ahead of its time the Amiga software design really was..."

--The Amiga Museum


OK, what is it?


AmiKit turns your computer into a powerful Amiga-like desktop. It includes 420 Amiga apps and retro games.


AmiKit runs super fast on your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop thanks to advanced WinUAE emulator.


We've done all the hard work for you. Everything is pre-configured and ready to use out of the box.


Enjoy your old Amiga computer again,

now in a modern retro

power suit!​

For AmiKit to work you need original Amiga Operating System files.

They cannot be included due to copyright, of course. However, during AmiKit installation, they will be automagically imported from your source.

How it works?

Windows, Mac or Linux

Modern Boost with

420 Pre-Installed Apps

Launch any Host app directly from Amiga desktop thanks to Rabbit Hole

Frequently Asked Questions


New AmiKit XE (v11) desktop in a modern retro design inspired by Workbench from 1986.

See the complete changelog.

AmiKit window decorations

New MorpheuZ includes 3 complete visual presets for you to choose from.

8 different desktop elements themes and 7 different startup-backdrop themes.

20 New Features

We've Worked Hard on Them

New engine, new MorpheuZ, new RomFind, new installers, new graphics...

Modern Retro

Workbench 1.2 Design

Revive your childhood Amiga memories with our new Modern Retro design!

Crystal Flash

Bootable 32GB USB Drive

We're especially proud about this one!

Bootable & Portable.

29 New Programs

Explore New Possibilites

AMICast Player, ADiffView, DizzyTorrent, RNOPDF, NewAlertHook, RtgMaster...



Now you can play supported games like Genetic Species in a Workbench window!

22 Software Updates

Refreshed Content

Updated Magic User Interface, AmigaAmp, NetSurf, SimpleMail, WHDLoad, AmiSSL... 


Improvements under the Hood

We've improved this, enhanced that and squashed some bugs too.

AmigaOS 3.1.4

Full Support of new OS

Now you can install AmiKit with the new AmigaOS 3.1.4 directly.

Pop-up Notifications

System wide on Workbench

AmiKit now includes a desktop pop-up notification system thanks to Ranchero.

32GB Bootable Crystal USB Flash Disk Drive

It contains a very small weight "live boot" environment called AmiPUP 11

(based on Ken Lester's AmiPUP 8.5.1 Slacko Puppy Linux distro)

AmiKit Crystal USB

The environment is visually modified to look like AmiKit and contains WinUAE emulator with AmiKit XE pre-installed. At boot, AmiPUP loads EVERYTHING into RAM, so all applications load blazing fast! The host system is never touched.

No OS is required, but your computer must support legacy boot (not only UEFI).

Does not boot on Mac! For AmiKit to work you do need AmigaOS3.x and ROM.


Kobo Deluxe

Shoot 'Em Up

Abandoned House

Text Adventure Game

2D scrolling space shooter written by D.Olofson, based on XKobo by A.Higuchi and exclusively ported to AmiKit by Artur Jarosik!

Your car has just broken down in the middle of nowhere... An adventure game for Workbench written by Anbjørn Myren.

More Flashbacks!

Btw. did you know that there was one more level of the legendary Another World? It's now included! Together with

great remakes of Barbarian or Newzealand Story called Kiwi's Tale and our favourite strategy simulator MadTV.

AmiKit XE now supports


Full Apps & Games

420 of them! All pre-installed.

Live Update

Keeps AmiKit Always Fresh

Dark Mode

For Your Dark Soul ;) 

Quick Launcher

Run or Config AmiKit with Ease!

Rabbit Hole

Runs Windows, Mac or Linux apps

Powerful Taskbar

Everything at One Place

32bit DualPNG Icons

Complete Icon Set by Ken Lester

Directory Opus 5.82

Used as a Workbench Replacement

Antialiased Fonts

TrueType Elegance

Full HD & HD ready

Supports Modern Resolutions

24bit Visual Themes

Beautiful Desktop Elements

32bit Screen Modes

No More Grey Workbench ;)

 New resolutions are waiting for you.

Another World

The Legendary Game

A scientist accidentally brought to another world. We grew up on this game, and you? :) Éric Chahi, its author,  gave us kind permission to include it.

There are plenty of themes to choose from!

Registered MUI 5

Exclusively for AmiKit

Legendary Magic User Interface used by many Amiga apps to look beautiful. Now in full version with kind permission of Stefan Stuntz.

Full colour Amiga desktop!


Exclusive Game Port

Artur Jarosik made an exclusive port of this old DOS game called Tyrian. It's a classic shoot'em up style of game we all enjoyed back in the times.

Startup Control 

Become a Master of Patches

A new MorpheuZ brings many new functionalities. Now you can switch on/off any patch used in AmiKit with a single mouse click.


Exclusive Version

Dieter Groppé has updated his well known Master Control Program for AmiKit.

Version 1.49c brings some bugfixes.


Exclusive Version

Heiko Mueller updated his bootpic viewer for AmiKit. Now it supports higher resolutions.

Speed & Stability

Improvements under the Hood

Compared to previous AmiKits we reworked startup sequence and AmiKit now boots 50% faster and is more reliable too.


Exclusive Version

The powerful taskbar has been updated for AmiKit! In version 0.70, Darius Brewka added few new features and squashed some bugs too!

Dropbox support

and Google Drive too!

Share the same Windows, Mac or Linux Dropbox

folder with AmiKit. Simple as that.

Retro Switch

Takes You Back to the Roots

This time machine switch brings you back to 1992 when AmigaOS3 was first introduced.

Four colour grey Workbench, remember? :) 


Exclusive Version

The legendary project bringing modern AROS features to an aging 68k world has been updated to v4.8 thanks to B. Roesch and T. Klein.

Icons & Visuals 

created by Ken Lester

Ken Lester has been busy bringing new shiny graphics for you. As always. Thanks Ken!


In 2015 Trevor Dickinson from A-EON came up with an excellent idea of a dedicated hardware for AmiKit - an Amiga-compatible laptop which Commodore has never produced. AmiKit X (version 10) was being developed for this laptop exclusively for 2 years.


Now you can enjoy its successor AmiKit XE on your own computer!


Everything began in 1994 when my parents bought an Amiga 500 for me. I was 14 years old. It's a long time ago, WOW!

Fast forward to 2005, the AmiKit was born - an emulated environment including more than 350 programs. It fully replaced my old Amiga hardware and it became a legend in the Amiga community over the years.

Fast forward to 2017, a brand new AmiKit X is released, originally developed for A.L.I.C.E., followed by the latest & greatest 
XE version released in 2019.

When someone, who has never heard about Amiga before, asks me why I would want to turn current modern computer into something retro and old fashioned, my short answer is:

"Simply because I love Amiga!"​

"Enjoy AmiKit, just like

I enjoyed creating it." --Ján

The longer answer, which I like and use often, involves Mustang. Not a horse. The car Ford Mustang from the 60's. It was a piece of art and if you ever had one (not me), you were a happy man, now with many beautiful memories.

If you want to feel it again now, you can buy an old Mustang, providing you find one, or you can buy a new, quite ordinary car and use a magic stick to make it look and behave like your old love.


The hood and interior are exactly as you remember them! The only difference is that the engine is much more powerful, and the modern features and extra add-ons are now mounted.

And that's exactly what AmiKit is all about. You can revive your memories, enjoy your old computer again, now in a power suit!​

“This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”  (Alan W. Watts)

© 2005-2020 AmiKit project is designed & maintained by Ján Zahurančík (contact)

Visual design, icons and other graphics by Kenneth E. Lester, Jr.

AmiKit includes over 420 pre-installed programs by various contributors.

© 1995 - 2020 WinUAE emulation engine by T. Wilen, et al.