AmiKit XE for Vampire V2


for any Vampire V2-enhanced Amiga™

with AmigaOS ROM in its core (not AROS)


We finally bring the Modern Retro experience to your Vampire V2!



  • 24bit RTG Graphics

  • 080 & 040 Executables

  • Startup Manager
  • Dark Mode
  • DualPNG Icons
  • Custom Visual Themes
  • Integrated Filetypes
  • 425 Pre-Installed Apps

  • Games & Demos included

  • Dracula the System Master

  • Start & User Menus

  • Directory Opus 5 Magellan II

  • Full Magic User Interface 5
  • Supports all AmigaOS3 versions
  • TCP/IP & WiFi Enabled

  • Automatic Live Updates

  • Cloud Support

  • Native FTP Support

  • microSD Card Support

  • Integrated Menu System
  • The Latest Patches

We've focused on every detail and created a highly integrated package for you.

1. One of the following AmigaOS versions:​​

  • Amiga Forever 9/8/7
  • AmigaOS XL

  • AmigaOS 3.9

  • AmigaOS 3.2 / 3.1.4
  • AmigaOS 3.5
  • AmigaOS 3.1

2. Kickstart ROM 3.x file (A1200 version)

3. Picasso96.lha (version 2.0 or higher)

4. Vampire core version GOLD 2.12

You can get AmigaOS & ROM files here


For details, install instructions and tricks & tips check our QUICK GUIDE


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Vampires are supported?

AmiKit XE works with any Amiga™ computer equipped with Apollo Vampire V2 card with core GOLD 2.12 or 2.13 with AmigaOS ROM in it (not AROS). AmiKit XE was tested on Amiga 1200 with V1200, Amiga 500/1000/CDTV with V500 and Amiga 600 with V600. It was also tested on V4SA, but the support was dropped due to developmental state of the V4SA core (see next question & answer).

What else do I need?

AmiKit does NOT include any AmigaOS files, Kickstart ROM nor Picasso96 graphics driver. You can get all required files from here, though. Once you supply those files, AmiKit will pick them up and install them for you automatically For the LZX Edition or Image Edition of AmiKit, you also need your own CompactFlash card. For more information, install instructions and tricks & tips please check our QUICK GUIDE

I have a question or need support.

I am here to help! If you don't find the answer in AmiKit Quick Guide for Vampire, feel free to check our Support Forum. I usually answer the same or following day (European time). -- Ján, the author of AmiKit

Why does AmiKit XE cost money?

I spent an unbelievable amount of time and effort putting everything together, an enormous amount of work that included the following:

  • A complete system re-design, including custom programs, enhanced functionality and overall integration
  • Every included program has been pre-installed, pre-configured and integrated, and most include optimizations that go far beyond the default installation settings
  • Extensive, fine-tuned UI enhancements, comprehensive testing and debugging specific to the Vampire version
  • International travel to procure one of the first V4 units
All of this requires time, time that I must balance with the needs of my family & day job. I worked on the Vampire port itself almost daily for almost a year. The fact is, paying for AmiKit XE ensures that I can continue providing user support, and also facilitates ongoing development, the hallmarks of a dependable & superior product! All this said, I also provide fully functional FREE AmiKit X for Windows / Mac / Linux. It's the edition from 2017 representing 15 years of intensive development. Enjoy! -- Ján, the author of AmiKit

Is V4SA supported too?

Not anymore (details). For the unofficial V4SA support check V4BootLoader project by W. Drijver. You can use it to install the LZX version of AmiKit onto V4SA with the latest (even AROS) core. No support is provided from our side, though.


Last but not least, huge thanks to Thomas Scheller, Keith Matthews, Artur Jarosik,

Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke and Jakub Hajda for many suggestions and beta-testing!