For AmiKit to work you need AmigaOS3.x and Kickstart ROM files

Check Quick Guide for Requirements, Install instructions and Tips&Tricks

Discount for AmiKit X owners

If you purchased AmiKit X between 2017 and 2019, get 20 EUR off SuperCombo or 10 EUR off Combo

or a single AmiKit XE by entering your Customer ID as a Promo Code on our checkout screen.

To find out what your Customer ID code is, follow the link to your AmiKit X download web page provided in the E-Junkie email we sent for your original purchase. Scroll down the web page (not the email) to Order Information section. Your Customer ID starts with EJ there,

for example: EJ12345678. Enter it as Promo Code on Checkout screen to apply the discount. Contact us if you need a help.