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Everything began in 1994 when my parents bought an Amiga 500 for me and my brother. I was 14 years old. It's a long time ago, WOW!

Fast forward to 2005, the AmiKit was born - an emulated environment including more than 350 programs. It fully replaced my old Amiga and it became a legend in the community over the years.

Fast forward to 2017, a brand new AmiKit X is released, originally developed for A.L.I.C.E., followed by the 
XE version released in 2019, Vampire edition in 2020 and Raspberry Pi in 2021. The latest & greatest version was released in 2023, even for PiStorm.

When someone, who has never heard about Amiga before, asks me why I would want to turn current modern computer into something retro and old fashioned, my short answer is: 
"Simply because
I love Amiga!"​

"Hope you enjoy AmiKit,

just like I enjoyed creating it."

Ján, author of AmiKit

The longer answer, which I like and use often, involves Mustang. Not a horse. The car Ford Mustang from the 60's. It was a piece of art and if you ever had one (not me), you were a happy man, now with many beautiful memories.

If you want to feel it again now, you can buy an old Mustang, providing you find one, or you can buy a new, quite ordinary car and use a magic stick to make it look and behave like your old love.


The hood and interior are exactly as you remember them! The only difference is that the engine is much more powerful, and the modern features and extra add-ons are now mounted.

And that's exactly what AmiKit is all about. You can revive your memories, enjoy your old computer again, now in a power suit!​


"AmiKit 12 is a great product and is highly recommended Epsilon (EN) 2023

"The first impressions are... WOW!  Dan Wood's video (EN) 2022

"Highly recommended. Well worth buying  Epsilon's World (EN) 2022

"A good solution, well-configured (EN, PL) 2022

"Smooth, user-friendly and remarkably easy!  Amiga Addict (EN) 2021

"Impressive! An excellent product  Epsilon's World (EN) 2021

"An excellent solution  Raspberry Italy (IT) 2021

"My new Amiga Amiga Future (EN, DE) 2021

"Stable and fast (EN, PL) 2021

"Tastefully decorated, well configured & optimised  K&A Plus (EN/PL) 2020

"The improvements are amazing  Amiga Museum  (EN) 2019

"Unmatched detailed system  Amiga Future  (EN, DE) 2019

"More than ready-made Amiga  GeekZone  (FR) 2019

"A recommended purchase  Epsilon  (EN) 2019

"Rolls-Royce of Emulation  Exec  (EN, PL) 2019

"Wow. Just Wow  Amiga Museum  (EN) 2018

"Fast and effective!  Amiga Mania  (HU) 2018

"5 out of 5 points!  Mój Mac Magazyn  (PL) 2017

"Well configured & optimised...  Exec  (EN, PL) 2018

"This is just beautiful  Amiga User magazine  (EN, PL) 2017

"A hell of a lot of features...  Epsilon's Amiga Blog  (EN) 2017

"A state-of-the-art combat suit...  Amiga Future  (EN, DE) 2017

"The pre-configured environment is beautiful...  Obligement  (FR) 2017


Passione Amiga  2023

Boing Magazine  2023

Kompot Podcast (English since 31:16) 2019

Blitterwolf Magazine  2017

Amiga Future Magazine  2017

Vintage is the New Old  2012

CryptMag  2006



AmiKit X in Amiga Future 127, 2019

AmiKit 9 in Old School Game Blog, 2017

AmiKit 8 in Old School Game Blog, 2015

AmiKit 8 in Amiga Future 114, 2015

AmiKit 7 in Amiga Future 110, 2014

AmiKit 6 in Amiga Future 95, 2012

AmiKit 5 in Amiga Future 72, 2008

AmiKit 5 in Obligement, online, 2008

"AmiKit shows just how far ahead of its time the Amiga software design really was..."

--The Amiga Museum


Amiga34 Germany  2019

AmiResE.T Poland  2015



​AmiKit was born here!

Slovakia, Central Europe

© 2005-2024 AmiKit project designed and maintained by Ján Zahurančík

Visual design, icons & other graphics by Kenneth E. Lester, Jr.

Launcher and ROMFind by Rex Schilasky

Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Vampire editions by Ján Zahurančík

AmiPUP edition by Kenneth E. Lester, Jr.

Android edition by Lyubomyr Lisen

PlayOnLinux script by George Sokianos

WinUAE by Toni Wilen et al., based on UAE by Bernd Schmidt

Amiberry by Dimitris Panokostas

Emu68 by Michal Schulz, PiStorm logo by Edu Arana
Host-Run developed for Ami-Hybrid by Checkmate 1500 cases project

Manjaro Linux by Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG

AROS ROM by AROS Research Operating System project

And of course the authors of installed software, thanks for your permissions!


"I've been involved with Amiga since 1994. My name is Ján, born in Slovakia (a beautiful country in the centre of Europe... remember Czechoslovakia?). Back in the times I remember we (together with my brother Lukas) bought an Amiga 500 just because we saw a breathtaking screenshot of some Amiga game in a magazine. "A M I G A? Hmm, we must have it!" :-) We were shocked by the excellent graphics and sounds when the Amiga finally arrived. We were used to "Didaktik Gama" before, a Slovak clone of ZX Spectrum :-) Our first Amiga game ever was Vrooom! Beautiful memories. Then we bought an Amiga 1200 and our game experience increased even more. Once we bought a harddisk and 1240 turbocard expansion, I started enjoying Workbench more (the AmigaOS itself), especially its visual and functional design. Even though I was limited by the lack of speed and AGA chipset, I managed to set up a powerful & functional Workbench (in my humble opinion ;) Once my brother bought a PC, I experienced the shock again! I mean the WinUAE capabilities that allowed me to use the transparency feature of Magic Menu - I had never seen anything like that with AGA before, of course! I started experimenting a little, but the speed of the PC did not allow me to do any more. Then I moved to Czech Republic (because of my studies) while my Amiga hardware stayed at home. Meanwhile, fortunately, the speed of the PCs have increased so I was able to use WinUAE just like my „real“ thing before… and the AmiKit was born!"

Hall of Fame
Over the years
I've been 
by many enthusiasts:

Michal Valentíny – for huge help with original website and forum

Darius Brewka – created a special version of AmiStart for AmiKit

Peter Gordon – ported MOS „Mount“ command to 68k for AmiKit

Dieter Groppé - for his exclusive Master Control Program (MCP)

Fred Booth and Keith Matthews - for help with documentation

Dietmar Eilert – granted microgolded licence and „ed“ starter

J. M. Battle – allowed us to use his AIAB disk-id script

Retrofan - for porting AmiKit to real Amiga machines

Thomas Richter - for his suggestions and support

Dariusz Gac – for help with DOpus configuration

Martin Durík – suggested the name "AmiKit"

Tony Gore - for his graphics and support

PaulTheTall - for help with Mac installer

and others

Bernd Roesch & Thomas Klein – for their AfA_OS project and exclusive update for AmiKit

Artur Jarosik - for his excellent NetSurf browser and exclusive openTyrian port for AmiKit

Massimo Tantignone – allowed us to use his latest (non-public) version of FullPalette

GPSoftware and Andreas Loong – allowed us to use Directory Opus Magellan II

Eric Chahi - for his kind permission to include the legendary Another World game

Stefan Stuntz - for allowing us to use registered version of his legendary MUI

Daniel 'Deniil' Westerberg – implemented a Live Update feature into AmiKit

Peter Keunecke – for many suggestions regarding AmiKit and WinUAE config

Thore Böckelmann and Jens Maus - for resurrecting the MUI development

Thomas Rapp – for many suggestions regarding AmiKit and WinUAE config

Heiko Mueller – created a special version of ShowAmiga96 for AmiKit

Bernd Schmidt & Richard Drummond - for original UAE and E-UAE

Magnus Holmgren – created a special AmiKit keyfile for ReqChange

Oliver Blumert – created a special version of GlobalTrash for AmiKit

Kenneth E. Lester, Jr., George Sokianos, Mikhail Malyshev, Bernd Roesch, Peter Keunecke, Toni Wilen, R.T.Dickinson, Dimitris Panokostas, Artur Jarosik, Thomas Rapp, Dariusz Gac, Heiko Mueller, Rex Schilasky, ShadesOfGrey, Michal Valentíny, CyberDyne, Nuder_Try, Juv.U.K, Adonay, SnOoPy, Captainmoomoo, Eric Luczyszyn, Stribor, Amigo1, Bob Dolores, Anbjorn Myren, Robert Brown, Falcon_11, Simon Foster, Tom Newsom, Björn Hagström, AmigaPhil, Will Karas, E. L. de la Fuente, Scott Campbell, Robert Moldenhauer, Dirk Baeyens, Martin-Thomas Steffen, Thomas Ferreira, Daniel Müßener, Peter Swallow, Fred Booth, Spiros Kourias, Bill Eaves, AmigaBlitter, JG Rogers, Kymon Zonias, Jim Veerkamp, Krzysztof Klis, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Jay C. Theriot, Keith Matthews, Merrill Newell, Salomé, Silvio Albrecht, Michael 'Cap' Brenegan, jPV/RNO, Fehmi Yucer, Jack Calk, Espen Skog, Thomas Scheller, Jakub Hajda, Philipp Lonke, Dwight Boney, Epsilon, Robert Downs, Christian Sommer, Chris aka Plouf, Walkero, Sigurbjorn Larusson, Miko Helsing, Alexzander Faryniak, Wawa Kopa Saghalie, Uigiflip, Wurstbrot, K-P Koljonen, Torque, Simon Foster, Wiisoldier and others. 


Trevor Dickinson, Mark Richardson, John Fante, Dennis Smith, Jens B., Richard C., Mark G., Ermanno B., Gary W., Terry LaClair, Bogdan Macri, AmigaDave, John H. T., Steve "Cereal Killer" Wagner, L. 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AmiKit was created while listening to 


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