"I've been involved with Amiga since 1994. My name is Ján, born in Slovakia (a beautiful country in the centre of Europe... remember Czechoslovakia?). Back in the times I remember we (together with my brother Lukas) bought an Amiga 500 just because we saw a breathtaking screenshot of some Amiga game in a magazine.

"A M I G A? Hmm, we must have it!" :-) We were shocked by the excellent graphics and sounds when the Amiga finally arrived. We were used to "Didaktik Gama" before, a Slovak clone of ZX Spectrum :-) Our first Amiga game ever was Vrooom! Beautiful memories. Then we bought an Amiga 1200 and our game experience increased even more. Once we bought a harddisk and 1240 turbocard expansion, I became in Workbench, especially its visual and functional design. I've set up quite a powerfull Workbench (but I was still limited by lack of speed and the AGA chipset). Once my brother bought a PC, I experienced the shock again! I mean the WinUAE capabilities that allowed me to use the transparency feature of Magic Menu - I had never seen anything like that with AGA before, of course! I started experimenting a little, but the speed of the PC did not allow me to do any more. Then I moved to Czech Republic (because of my studies) while my Amiga hardware stayed at home. Meanwhile, fortunately, the speed of the PCs have increased so I was able to use WinUAE just like my „real“ thing before… and the AmiKit was born!"

Read full story in an interview (2012)

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“This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”  (Alan W. Watts)

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