Extra Themes for AmiKit X/XE

for Windows/Mac/Linux (not Vampire or Raspberry Pi)

The package consists of black&white startup images

and the same desktop wallpapers in colour.


The startup image includes a dynamic progress bar which adapts to the last booting time of your AmiKit and thus predicts the next one.


When AmiKit boots to desktop, the black&white startup image turns into its coloured version and enlightens your desktop :)

To select your preferred theme, run MorpheuZ and click

Visual Themes > EXTRA THEMES


A beautiful collection of 13 themes

for your AmiKit X


Free with SuperCombo or Crystal USB!

The following themes are included:


  • Coffee Desktop

  • Muscaria

  • Watermelon

  • Frozen Berries

  • Green Leaf

  • Big Daisy

  • Dreamy Kitten

  • Snow Tiger


  • Spotted (used in very first AmiKit 1)

  • Eco Green (used in AmiKit 5)

  • Classic Blue (used in AmiKit 6)

  • AmiKit Keys (blue version)

  • AmiKit Keys (green version)

Coffee Desktop small
Frozen Berries
Green Leaf
Big Daisy
Dreamy Cat
Snow Tiger
Classic Blue
Eco Green
AmiKit Keys (blue)
AmiKit Keys (green)

All themes are designed for 1920x1080 and 1366x768 resolutions and work fine with default AmiKit X/XE FullHD and HD Ready modes (with default paths to startup and wallpaper images).

If you have any questions or need support please contact us