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What does it actually do with your bare AmigaOS?

Breathes New Life

new monitor.png

Supported Platforms

Revive Your Memories

What Do Users Say?

AmiKit X

How does AmiKit work?

AmigaOS 3.x

& Kickstart ROM

Windows, Mac, Linux or Raspberry Pi

Modern Retro Boost with

400+ Pre-Installed Apps

Launch any Host app directly from Amiga desktop thanks to Rabbit Hole

Full Apps & Games

400+ of them! Pre-installed

Directory Opus 5.82

Used as a Workbench replacement

Powerful Startmenu

Everything at one place

Quick Launcher

Run or Config AmiKit with Ease

Rabbit Hole

Runs Windows, Mac or Linux apps

Antialiased Fonts

TrueType Elegance

DualPNG Icons

Complete icon set by Ken Lester

Live Update

Keeps AmiKit always fresh

Dark Mode

For your dark soul ;) 


Another World

The Legendary Game

A scientist accidentally brought to another world. We grew up on this game, and you? :) Éric Chahi, its author,  gave us kind permission to include it.

(Full) HD ready

Supports Modern Resolutions

 New resolutions are waiting for you.

Dropbox support

and Google Drive too!

Share the same Windows, Mac or Linux Dropbox

folder with AmiKit. Simple as that.

Registered MUI 5

Exclusively for AmiKit

Legendary Magic User Interface used by many Amiga apps to look beautiful. Now in full version with kind permission of Stefan Stuntz.

Visual Themes

Beautiful Desktop Elements

There are plenty of themes to choose from!

Startup Manager 

Become a Master of Patches

A new Morpheuz brings many new functionalities. Now you can switch on/off any patch used in AmiKit with a single mouse click.

Turrican II

New Old Game

An amazing (and unofficial) remake of the PC version of Turrican II - The Final Fight for the Amiga by Sonic Sloth. The legend is back!

32bit Screen Modes

No More Grey Workbench ;)

Full colour Amiga desktop!


Exclusive Version

Dieter Groppé has updated his well known Master Control Program for AmiKit.

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