AmiKit XE for Raspberry Pi 4/400

Updates and Support Policy

  • Updates & Support apply to the "1 Year" and "3 Years" subscriptions and only apply to AmiKit, not the underlying Linux host system. The "One Version" purchase does not receive updates or individual support.


  • During their subscription period, the customers will receive all product updates at no additional charge. This includes major releases too. Be advised that they are released when completed, and are not tied to any annual or other fixed schedule.
    Based on 16 years of AmiKit history, there are 4-5 updates annually on average.
    They include Amiga software updates, emulation engine updates and new features.


  • Likewise, during their subscription period, the customers qualify for free chat support via Discord.

License Policy


  • Given AmiKit edition is licensed to one user. With this license purchase, you can install AmiKit onto all Raspberry computers you personally own, but only the licensed user can use that installed AmiKit.

  • Certain protection measures (including your Customer ID) are included in the product, and will be updated as needed to ensure compliance with the terms of the license provided.

  • Thank you for playing fair and supporting the Amiga developers. There are not many left.

By purchasing and/or installing the software you are agreeing to terms and conditions of the license.

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Visual design, icons and other graphics by Kenneth E. Lester, Jr.

AmiKit includes over 425 pre-installed programs by various contributors.

© 1995 - 2021 WinUAE emulation engine by T. Wilen, et al.